Support for Cow Care & Goshalas

Reasons for Cow Slaughter &  Permanent Solution for GO-RAKSHA

  • Generally cows are raised for the sole purpose of producing milk. A mistake. A cow will not produce milk unless it has calves. Needless to say, there can be no calves if there is no bull. But the bulls are only used for production and are not essentially engaged in farming, resulting is an excess bovine population that is costly to support. This leads them to the slaughterhouse, since they will have no economic value other than their meat.
  • Mostly people don't know the real difference between Indian Breed Cow & Hybrid / Buffalo. Even cow lovers are using hybrid cow products in the name of cow as a common misunderstanding in society, leads indigenous cows to slaughter houses.

  • By the usage of market products having E-Codes, ignorant people indirectly supporting cow slaughter.

Cow slaughter is creating unlimited problems in the society related to health, environment, culture, employment, economy etc.

Inorder to find out the root solution of cow slaughter and to support more than 5000 goshalas of india who are in heavy financial crises.  KALPAVRIKSHA FOUNDATION has launched the first Unified Brand - DOCTOR COW to support all Goshalas. This Organization is assisting goshalas , by purchasing Cow Panchgavya ( five products obtained from the cow, viz. dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd) from them, hence indirectly bartering divine gavyas against sumptuous grass, water and shelter for the Mother Cow. Thus transforming loss making goshala into profit oriented goshala by optimum utilization of their unused dung and urine through Technical Training & Consultancy program to manufacture quality products and finally help them to Market globally. By this initiative, KALPAVRIKSHA is saving lot of funds and resources of Gaushalas for creating a standardization in cow products to glorify the mother cow.

KALPAVRIKSHA's is having Technical Colloboration with SEPL, Bhopal for their R&D activities. SEPL is an ISO & GMP Certified Unit, having license from AYUSH & FSSAI for Quality Products Development & Goshala/ Rural Consultancy. KALPAVRIKSHA is closely affiliated with GOSHALA, San Tan Valley, Arizona, USA. GOSHALA was established in April 2010, inspired by H.H. Ganpati Swami Maharaj and affiliated with ISCOWP (International Society for Cow Protection), founded by HG Balabhadra das- both Senior disciples of Srila Prabhupada. Presently KALPAVRIKSHA is contributing to more than 20 Goshalas in different states of India for self sustainability.

The solution for Gau-Raksha / Cow Protection lies not only in the compassion towards the cow, but in a fundamental change in making divine cows self sustainable by implementation of vedic agricultural production system as well as by usage & distribution of cow products as a source of economy generation. 

Kalpavriksha Foundation - Standardized Technical approaches to Support ALL Goshalas is carried out broadly in 5 steps.

1. Goshala Network Development

2. Research & Development

3. Training, Consulting & Products Manufacturing

4. Quality Control

5. Product Promotion & Distribution


Profit of DOCTOR COW Products is used for GAU-SEVA and GOPAL SEVA 

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