FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the difference between Jersy / Hybrid  and Indian / Desi Cows

2. What is the meaning of  this brand name DOCTOR COW

3.  Which type of  Cows bi-products are used in the manufacturing of DOCTOR COW Products. (Desi Cows or Hybrid Cows)

4. How long Gau-mutra ark can be preserved and used 

5. How to know  Doctor Cow Products  dosage, benefits and ingredients

6. Is DOCTOR COW have Ayurvedic Doctors / Gavya Sidha Vaidya/ Cow Therapist for Health Consultation

7. Why DOCTOR COW Products are better than other products

8. Is there any opportunity for Cow Lovers to serve into  GAU-SEVA Projects of DOCTOR COW.

9. Is the DOCTOR COW Milk Powder is good as Fresh / Pasteurized Cow’s Milk

10. What is the most practical approach of Gau-Raksha/ Gau-Seva as per todays scenario

11. Why cow products are expensive as compare to market products

12. Is the market available cow ghee is same as DOCTOR COW Ghee

13. Is it compulsory Cow Ghee color should be yellow 

14. From where to get the customer support related to DOCTOR COW Products

15. How to enroll for the upcoming events / seminars/ medical camp of DOCTOR COW

16. How we can distribute cow products as business for serving and earning

17. How  can I get product development training/ consulting for my goshala to make self sustainable

18. How  can i financially support to this divine project of DOCTOR COW to support Goshalas as Donator / Investor

19. How to get updates about new product launch , offers

20. How to place order by Online , Tele-Order, Whats-App, Email

21. Do you ship DOCTOR COW Products all over India and Globally.

22. What is the expiry date of DOCTOR COW Products

23. Is the color, odor, fragrance, texture of ghee can change over a period of time

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