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DR.COW A2 Cow's Pure Ghee -5 Ltrs

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5 Ltrs Tin


  • Prepared from Indian Cow's Milk Cream.
  • Best for Cooking, Puja & Fire Sacrifices.
  • As per Ayurveda, Indian Cow's Ghee should be used by Human Being to keep healthy.
  • It increase body immunity, memory, concentration, lusture to the body, increase aging etc.
  • Reference to Scriptures any Puja, Fire Sacrifice or religious ceremonies will be successful if it is executed with the use of Indian Cow's Ghee only.
  • Indian Cows ghee is little expensive but surely best for your good health, as indian cow's give milk with less fat content with other valuable minerals.
  • So, make a habit to use only Indian Cow's Ghee and get the blessing of Gaumata.
  • Please don't be confused with the Market available Cow's Ghee of less price, as it is not actually the Real Cow's Ghee.
  • In the name of cow's ghee, mostly companies are offering Hybrid/ Jersy cow's ghee which is very harmful for health create problems like Joint pain, Diabetes, Cancer etc.


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