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Product Name : DR.COW Compost (Bio-Manure)

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  • This is 100% natural prepared from Indian Cow's Dung, Urine and Agriculture wastes.
  • Can be used for agricultural purpose to offer better plant growth.
  • Keeps plants ever green, give quick growth and stops falling of leafs. 
  • Offers excellent nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium to plants ·
  • Improves the taste of Fruits, Vegetables & Grains ·
  • Reduces the impact of harmful Worms to the soil ·
  • Makes soil more nutrient full, fertile in 100% natural way. ·
  • Provide moisture, air ventilation to the soil & saves water.
  • Direction of Use :
  • DOCTOR COW Compost should used by thoroughly mix within soil before plantation and can sprinkle above the soil for better results.
  •  Best for : ·
  • Fruits Trees, Vegetable Plants, Organic Farming, Gardening, Plantation Pots, Nurseries etc.

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