DOCTOR COW : Cow  Therapy Health Consultation

We have World’s Best Cow Therapist in our DOCTOR Panel like Dr.Aggarwal ji  !  Shri.Uttam Maheshwari ji  !  Dr. Mukesh ji ! Dr. Niranjan Verma ji & many more ...

Helpline No. : +91-9755345954 ! WhatsApp : +91-8839228679
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**For Registration, Download Cow Therapy Form & Send us the filled Patient Form by Email / WhatsApp**.

Why you should take DOCTOR COW - Cow Therapy Health Consultation :

  • Many ailments that would require surgery through modern medicine can be treated with Cow Pathy Ayurveda with only medicine, no surgery. Like kidney stones, gall stones, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and even malignant tumours. Avoid lithotripsy, joint replacement surgeries, coronary bypass surgery, tonsillectomy, hysterectomy and other major & minor surgeries.

  • Many conditions that are incurable with modern medicine can be treated with Cow Therapy Ayurveda treatment without any side effects like eye sight problems, hearing disabilities, pyria, developmental disorders, blood pressure, diabetes,  hypothyroidism, obesity, asthma, piles, ulcer, cervical, joint pain, arthritis,  sciatica, migraine, headache, eczema, psoriasis , hair falling, tuberculosis, parkinson disease, memory loss, depression, hepatitis, mastitis , lycoria,  pregnancy problems, oligospermia etc.

 OPTION :  FREE (Online Cow Therapy Health Consultation >> by Email / WhatsApp)

  • This is a Completely Free Health & Wellness Consultation.
  • Well Experienced Doctors with proven records & Awareness
  • No Doctors Consultation Fee.
  • No Standing in long queue, No need to take off from work, all done from your home.
  • 100% Privacy, We do not share your information with any one. 
  • No Commitment to buy medicines. 
  • World Class Cow Pathy Ayurvedic Products & Medicines Available.

OPTION :  PAID (Premium Cow Therapy Health Consultation >> by Phone /Personal Meeting)

  • Our Doctors have indepth knowledge to give treatment of any problems.
  • Many Long Standing Disorders treated without surgery or even without injections 
  • Only Cow Therapy Ayurvedic Treatment & Medicines will be prescribed.
  • Free Lifestyle and Diet management guidelines.
  • Costs Cut, Time Saved, Very Convenient, Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • Medicines can be dispatched to all International Destinations
  • Free repeat follow up consultations (4 times per month).  Unlimited Queries answered.
  • Prescribed Medicines will be charged extra.

Please don't approach us in Emergencies, We are not a emergency care unit. However approaching us well in advance, when initial symptoms noticed, will not land you up in emergency situations.   
No Urgent Solutions, No Emergencies Addressed, For such please go to your nearest Gvt. Hospital

Helpline No. : +91-9755345954 ! WhatsApp : +91-8839228679
Email :,

**For Registration, Download Cow Therapy Form & Send us the filled Patient Form by Email / WhatsApp**.

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