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DR.COW Gau-Sevak Kit

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    • * Eco-Friendly Gomay Ganesha Statue is prepared from 100% Cow Dung, Pure Panchgavya (Milk,Yogurt, Ghee, Gau-jal/ Cow Urine, Gau-may/Cow Dung) of Indian Cow's & Ganga Water.
      • Size of the Gomay Ganesha is : 18 " .
        • * DOCTOR COW Gomay Ganesha statue is very first time introduced by Kalpavriksha Foundation, An NGO dedicated for GOSEVA with the purpose to make goshalas self sustainable
          •  * In order to overcome the problem of market available statues prepared from materiel like POP, Fiber, Plastic etc. using machine Such materials are not authorized for worshiping as per scriptures, having harmful and pollution creating chemicals usage, no godly connection, meant for business purpose, decoration and professional look only.Such statues are creating problems like unemployment, water pollution, lack of prosperity and God Consciousness in the society.
          • DOCTOR COW Gomay Ganesha is beautifully developed by the hand of devotees with the feeling of devotion to impart maximum benefit to the society by worshiping Lord Ganesha.
            • Benefits of DOCTOR COW Gomay Ganesha :
              • *  Most auspicious material used in DOCTOR COW Gomay Ganesha ie. Indian Cow's Dung, Panchgavya and Ganga-Jal particulary for the purpose of Puja/ Worship, reference to scriptures.
                • DOCTOR COW Gomay Ganesha - Prosperity Giver to you & your family. As mentioned in scriptures : - "Gomay vaste laxmi". Goddess of wealth resides in cow's dung. - Demigod Mata Parvati and Ganga Ji resides in cow's urine. - God Vishnu Ji resides in cow's milk - Demigod Moon resides in cow's curd - Demigod Shankar ji resides in cow's ghee By worship or just by placing this Lord Ganesha will offer you immense prosperity in terms of Health, Wealth & Devotion. 
                  • * Goseva - By Purchase, Placing, Worship & Gifting of DOCTOR COW Gomay Ganesha, you will get the privilege of GOSEVA.
                    • * As it is prepared from the dung of unproductive cows, protected from cow slaughter. This initiative of yours helps in making divine cows self sustainable. 
                      • * Anti - pollution : DOCTOR COW Gomay Ganesha is not only protects the life of aquatic animals but also provide nourishment to them, improves quality of water, improves oil levels in sea etc. 
                        • * Anti Radiation : DOCTOR COW Gomay Ganesha, protects you from harmful radiation.
                          • * By worshiping or by simple placingin your home/ office will protect you from harmful radiation. 
                            • * Vaastu Solution : Just by worshiping or placing DOCTOR COWGomay Ganesha, you can remove Vaastu Dosha problems and removes all negative vibes from your surrounding.
                              • * Very Limited Stock, as it is prepared from hands, not by machines. So, Book Your Eco-Friendly Gomay Ganesh Today itself.


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