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DR. COW Organic Aata Ladoo

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  • DOCTOR COW Organic Aata Ladoo prepared with Natural Farm produce Organic Wheat Flour, Indian Cow's Pure Ghee and Dry Fruits. Beautifully packed Sweets in 500 g packaging are really delicious, pure and heart touching that creates your unique identity and everlasting impressions unto others.
  •  Please avoid to USE & GIFT market available sweets in festive season.
  • Such sweets are generally prepared from adulterated milk, ghee, khoa and silver foils etc., which directly or indirectly supports cow slaughter and creates unlimited health problems.
  • DOCTOR COW Sweets specially prepared for A Class Premium People who are Health Conscious, Nature Loving, Cow Caring and for Everyone who are appreciating for Indian / Vedic culture.
  • One of the purest sweets available in market for festival like Deepawali, X-mas, New Year, Marriages, Birthday functions etc. DOCTOR COW Brand is No.1 Unified Brand of cow products to support Goshalas.
  • This Brand is famous for their top quality natural products particularly prepared from Indian Cow's Panchgavya, Natural Farming Organic and Dairy Products. By Gifting DOCTOR COW Sweets, you are not only distributing Pure Sweets but also contributing into a noble cause of Cow Protection (GAU-RAKSHA, GAU-SEVA) by helping goshalas to make divine cows self sustainable.
  • An alternative of your Donation for Cows that helps to create a revolution into Cow Protection by allowing the society to understand Holy Cows importance in a scientific perspective.
  • Business Houses and Corporates should utilize their CSR Funds to gift DOCTOR COW Sweets to their Buyers, Vendors, Relatives, Friends and their Employees to improve their work efficiency.
  • Such gifting ideas supports to your CSR Guidelines under Health Services, Animal Welfare, Environment Clean, Rural Development guidelines and giving you an opportunity to serve Cows.
  • Presently this project is supporting to 20 Goshalas and more than 250 Goshalas are looking for our support. Our request to every citizen of the country to come forward for Ordering DOCTOR COW Sweets & Gift packs and get the divine blessings.


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