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Go-Sushma Cow Magazine

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By Shri Uttam Maheshwari Ji
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Comic magazine on the importance of mother cow, Indian culture, health issues specially for children Over 60 pages, III edition 2009. Very complex things about desi cows explained illustriously. Highly recommended! Table of Contents (English): 1. Cows saved a life 2. Tenalirama 3. The effects of milk on the mind 4. Tea: A cow-killer leaf 5. Bullocks run faster than horses 6. Miracles of the cow 7. Go-Sushma 8. Egoists bow to miracle 9. Blessed is the land where the bullock walks 10. Cow! The beloved mother of all 11. Panchgavya 12. Whites are black 13. Are we independent? 14. Yet another war of independence!

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