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DR. COW Pure Ghee (Desi / Indian Cows)

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100 % Vegetarian

  • Prepared from Indian Breed Cow's Milk - Cream.
  • It can be used for Puja, Cooking,Fire Sacrifices etc. 


Usage :

  • DOCTOR COW Ghee can be used for puja, Cooking Fire Sacrifices.

Inredients : 
Malai (MILK FAT) of Desi Cow's Milk

Cautions :

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and humid condition.
  • To Preserve the ghee, transfer into air container of glass / stainless steel.


Why Ghee of Indian Breed Cow is better than Hybrid/Jersy ?



Gives A2 Milk. Real nectar milk, digestible In 2 hrs. Removes Cholesterol, Cough, Fat, Acidity and can protect the body from all type of diseases like high Blood Pressure, Mental Disorders, Cancer,  Diabetes, Joint Pain etc.

Gives A1 Milk contains disease causing Betacosmophorine-7 (BCM-), Digestible in 9 hrs., Increases Cholesterol, develop cough, fat, acidity and creates High Blood Pressure, metabolic degenerative diseases, autism, diabetes type-1 in children, mental disorder in old age, sudden death syndrome in infants etc.  

  •  No Animal Fat          
  •  No Preservative
  •  No Artificial  Color & Fragrance                            


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