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DR. COW Pracharak Kit

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DR.COW Gau-Pracharak Kit

1. DR. COW Premium Face Pack
2. DR. COW Tooth Powder
3. DR. COW Hair Oil
4. DR. COW Premium Shampoo
5. DR. COW Panchgavya Soap
6. DR. COW Gau-Jal Ark
7. DR. COW Gau-Jal ARK (Rose)
8. DR. COW Gau-Jal ARK (Jeera)
9. DR. COW Gau-Jal ARK (Sauf)
10. DR. COW Fat Loss Tonic
11. DR. COW Natural Health Tonic
12. DR. COW Ghanvati Tablets
13. DR. COW Digestive powder
14. DR. COW Diabetes powder
15. DR. COW Eye care
16. DR. COW Nasal Drops
17. DR. COW Balm
18. DR. COW Indian Cow's Pure Ghee
19. DR. COW Indian Cow's Ghrit
20. DR. COW Milk Powder
21. DR. COW Gau-Cola Squash
22. DR. COW Organic Wheat Daliya
23. DR. COW Organic Jaggery Powder (Khand)
24. DR. COW Organic Rock Salt / Sendha Namak
25. DR. COW Organic Cumin/Jeera
26. DR. COW Organic Dhana Powder
27. DR. COW Organic Rajma
28. DR. COW Organic Red Chilli
29. DR. COW Compost (Bio-Manure)
30. DR. COW Dhoop Sticks (Chandan)
31. DR. COW Air Purifiy Kit
32. DR. COW Cow dung cakes (small)
33. DR. COW Panchgavya Agarbatti
34. DR. COW Panchgavya Agarbatti 60 Sticks
35. DR. COW Mosquito Coil

Promotion Material Includes :
Product Catalog (Big), Multi color Pamphlets (English), Multi color Pamphlets (Hindi), Promotion Poster (English), Promotion Poster (Hindi), Gau Pracharak / Gau-Sevak Application Form, Gau-Pracharak Price List, Franchise Application Form , Franchise Price List, Franchise Margin Chart, Customer Price List MRP, Campaign Registration Form, Cow Therapy Health Consultation Form, Promotional Carry Bags, Cow Therapy DVD, Gau-Seva & Cow Therapy CD, Certificate of Authorization, Bhagvad Gita, Gau-Seva Hindi Book , Gau-Seva English Book, Promotion Stickers.



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