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DR. COW Organic Besan Ladoo

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  • DOCTOR COW Organic Besan Ladoo prepared with Natural Farm produce Organic Besan (Gram Flour), Indian Cow's Pure Ghee and Dry Fruits.
  • Beautifully packed Sweets in 500 g packaging are really delicious, pure and heart touching that creates your unique identity and everlasting impressions unto others.
  • Please avoid to USE & GIFT market available sweets in festive season.
  • Such sweets are generally prepared from adulterated milk, ghee, khoa and silver foils etc., which directly or indirectly supports cow slaughter and creates unlimited health problems.
  • DOCTOR COW Sweets specially prepared for A Class Premium People who are Health Conscious, Nature Loving, Cow Caring and for Everyone who are appreciating for Indian / Vedic culture.
  • One of the purest sweets available in market for festival like Deepawali, X-mas, New Year, Marriages, Birthday functions etc.
  • DOCTOR COW Brand is No.1 Unified Brand of cow products to support Goshalas.
  • This Brand is famous for their top quality natural products particularly prepared from Indian Cow's Panchgavya, Natural Farming Organic and Dairy Products.
  • By Gifting DOCTOR COW Sweets, you are not only distributing Pure Sweets but also contributing into a noble cause of Cow Protection (GAU-RAKSHA, GAU-SEVA) by helping goshalas to make divine cows self sustainable.
  • An alternative of your Donation for Cows that helps to create a revolution into Cow Protection by allowing the society to understand Holy Cows importance in a scientific perspective.
  • Business Houses and Corporates should utilize their CSR Funds to gift DOCTOR COW Sweets to their Buyers, Vendors, Relatives, Friends and their Employees to improve their work efficiency.
  • Such gifting ideas supports to your CSR Guidelines under Health Services, Animal Welfare, Environment Clean, Rural Development guidelines and giving you an opportunity to serve Cows.
  •  Presently this project is supporting to 20 Goshalas and more than 250 Goshalas are looking for our support.
  • Our request to every citizen of the country to come forward for Ordering DOCTOR COW Sweets & Gift packs and get the divine blessings.


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