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DR. COW Gomay Ganesha

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Prepared from Cow Dung, Panchgavya, Ganga-Jal

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  • Eco-Friendly Gomay Ganesha Statue is prepared from 100% Cow Dung, Pure Panchgavya (Milk,Yogurt, Ghee, Gau-jal/ Cow Urine, Gau-may/Cow Dung) of Indian Cow's & Ganga Water.
  • Size of the Gomay Ganesha is 10 cm x 10 cm x 12 cm. Also available in different sizes., plz check other options.
  • DOCTOR COW Gomay Ganesha statue is very first time introduced by Kalpavriksha Foundation, An NGO dedicated for GOSEVA with the purpose to make goshalas self sustainable. 
  • In order to overcome the problem of market available statues prepared from materiel like POP, Fiber, Plastic etc.
  • using machines.
  • Such materials are not authorized for worshiping as per scriptures, having harmful and pollution creating chemicals usage, no godly connection, meant for business purpose, decoration and professional look only.
  • Such statues are creating problems like unemployment, water pollution, lack of prosperity and God Consciousness in the society.
  • DOCTOR COW Gomay Ganesha is beautifully developed by the hand of devotees with the feeling of devotion to impart maximum benefit to the society by worshiping Lord Ganesha.
  • Benefit of DR.COW Gomay Ganesha :-
  • 1. Most auspicious material used in DR. COW Gomay Ganesha ie.
  • Indian Cow's Dung, Panchgavya and Ganga-Jal particulary for the purpose of Puja/ Worship, reference to scriptures.
  • DR. COW Gomay Ganesha - Prosperity Giver to you & your family.
  • As mentioned in scriptures : -
  • 2. "Gomay vaste laxmi". Goddess of wealth resides in cow's dung. - Demigod Mata Parvati and Ganga Ji resides in cow's urine. - God Vishnu Ji resides in cow's milk - Demigod Moon resides in cow's curd - Demigod Shankar ji resides in cow's ghee By worship or just by placing this Lord Ganesha will offer you immense prosperity in terms of Health, Wealth & Devotion.
  • 3. Goseva - By Purchase, Placing, Worship & Gifting of DR. COW Gomay Ganesha, you will get the privilege of GOSEVA.
  • As it is prepared from the dung of unproductive cows, protected from cow slaughter.
  • This initiative of yours helps in making divine cows self sustainable.
  • 4. Anti - pollution : DR. COW Gomay Ganesha is not only protects the life of aquatic animals but also provide nourishment to them, improves quality of water, improves oil levels in sea etc.
  • 5. Anti Radiation : DR. COW Gomay Ganesha, protects you from harmful radiation. By worshiping or by simple placingin your home/ office will protect you from harmful radiation. 
  • 6.Vaastu Solution : Just by worship or place DR. COW Gomay Ganesha in your surrounding will remove Vaastu Dosha problems.
  • Very Limited Stock, as it is prepared from hands, not by machines. So, Book Your Eco-Friendly Gomay Ganesh Today itself.


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